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William E. Curry

William E. Curry Is An Inspiration

William E. Curry
Starting off as a professional writer, William E. Curry had many aspirations. One of them being music, he decided to use his writing skills to work and compose music. Although his first passion started off as a professional writer, his love for music quickly surpassed this. As he combined both passions into one, his success depended on keeping it at steady pace so his passions would not burn out. So how did it all start for him exactly?


Well, William E. Curry started off writing musical lyrics to different beats in his head. Composing music quickly became his favorite pass time. Writing everywhere he went, whether it would be a phrase or a whole paragraph he was able to put his lyrics on paper without forgetting a word. He then began learning how to play instruments. Quickly picking up the guitar he later learned a few other instruments. Aside from the guitar, William E. Curry started playing the drums, piano and bass guitar. Fusing these instruments together helped him to better understand the structure of music. His musicality came naturally while learning to read music as well.


All didn’t come so smoothly for William E. Curry though. Few of his family members gave him the encouragement needed to succeed. Most of the time he struggled to make ends meet as his writing career was not doing well. This didn’t stop him though and by seeking out other musicians he was able to find inspiration to continue. That is probably why William Curry’s music is able to inspire many. Music comes from the soul and reflects what he has been through. Many people have this in common with him having themselves been through what he has so they can appreciate his lyrics more.


The story of William Curry is inspirational. Although we all go through many different things in life, the one thing that is always there as a constant is our passion. Taking advantage of that passion and maybe even turning it into a career can be done. Whatever that passion for life may be and for William E. Curry was music and writing. His love for these passions never wavered as obstacles confronted him. So maybe we can take his example to heart. Learning to keep moving forward and find time for our passions. At the end of the day having that as stability in our lives can help improve the way we live. His is an example that everyone can follow.


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